Mick Crnkovich


Mick Crnkovich is one of Impl. Project’s founding Directors. Mick is a national security, civil-military, and interagency specialist, focusing on the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia. Mick served as an Army officer for over 10 years in conventional and special operations units. Mick also built a Civil-Military Operations in Support of Counter-Terrorism course – part of the Trans Sahara Counterterrorism Partnership (TSCTP). Mick is a Fellow with the Truman National Security Project, was a Term Member with the Council on Foreign Relations, and was a Fellow with MIT’s Seminar XXI Program. He is a graduate of George Washington University’s National Security Studies Program. Mick holds a B.S. in Sociology / Criminology from Ohio University, an M.S. in National Security and Resource Strategy from National Defense University, and an M.A. in Business and Organizational Security Management from Webster University.