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    Community-led, data-driven solutions for international development and stability

At impl. project, we work with our partners in the field to collect and analyze data, assess the root causes of community problems, and facilitate community-driven, targeted programming to create development and stability solutions. True to our name, effective implementation and execution are at the core of all operations – hence, impl. project.

Collect + Analyze Data

Investigate + Validate Understanding

Implement Tailored Programming

Monitoring + Evaluation

Preventing Violent Extremism in the Philippines

Preventing Violent Extremism in the Philippines

Working with local communities in Mindanao, impl. project provided an in-depth study of the drivers to poverty, radicalization, and violence. Based on the results, we have identified where assets and resources need to go to mitigate the issues facing these communities.

Public Health in the Democratic Rep. of the Congo

Public Health in the Democratic Rep. of the Congo

Malaria nets were proving less effective in communities near a body of water – why? Impoverished communities subsisting off water sources may use the nets to fish, harvesting more fish than sustainable. Our team is working with health sector partners to identify alternative methods to address malaria without undermining the fishery that sustains the villagers.

We start any engagement by hearing what a local community has to say:  we don’t believe problems can be solved without listening first.  Then we work with community members to understand their problems and their solutions, and create a framework for integrated, standardized collection of data to tailor programming to address the root cause of problems.

Innovation on the frontlines: join us in the micro-data revolution.


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