Our Team

Ryan Young

Executive Director

Ryan Young is the Executive Director of impl. project. He joined our team in 2022….

Justin Richmond

Founder, Head of Strategy & Innovation

Justin Richmond is the Founder and Head of Strategy & Innovation of Impl. Project. Before…

Joe Felter


Joe Felter is a William J. Perry Fellow at the Center for International Security and…

Norsams Abdulshamad

Financial Officer

Norsams Abdulshamad earned her Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the Masters Technological Institute of…

Geoff Brock

Technical Lead

Geoff is Impl. Project’s Technical Lead. Prior to joining the team, he worked in both…

Azrisalam S. Magomnang

Lanao Team Leader

Azrisalam Magomnang is the Lanao Team Leader for Impl. Project in the Philippines. She has a…

Amin Sarip Olama

Community Engagement Coordinator

Amin Sarip Olama is a Community Engagement Coordinator on the Impl. Project Philippines team. He…

Simone Peloquin

Program Manager

Simone Peloquin is a Program Manager at Impl. Project, with worldwide contributions to data-driven solutions…

Austin Sanders

Field Consultant

Austin Sanders is the Philippines team lead for impl. project. Before working with impl. project,…

Julius “Yoyong” Suarez

Executive Director Impl. Project Philippines

Julius “Yoyong” Suarez advocates for his life work to bring developmental growth and stability to…


Team Mascot

Otto is Impl. Project’s honorary mascot. When not busy providing moral support, he can often…