Our Team

Justin Richmond

Founder, Executive Director

Justin Richmond is the Founder and Executive director of Impl. Project. Before starting Impl. Project,…

Mick Crnkovich


Mick Crnkovich is one of Impl. Project’s founding Directors. Mick is a national security, civil-military,…

Rose Jackson


Rose Jackson has an extensive background in international politics, foreign policy, social technologies and counter-radicalization….

Geoff Brock

Technical Lead

Geoff is Impl. Project’s Technical Lead. Prior to joining the team, he worked in both…

Josh Cootware

Operations Consultant

Josh is an Operations Consultant with Impl. Project and a combat veteran of the U.S….

Azrisalam S. Magomnang

Lanao Team Leader

Azrisalam Magomnang isĀ the Lanao Team Leader for Impl. Project in the Philippines. She has a…

Rholaisa B. Mamailao

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Specialist

Rholaisa B. Mamailao is the Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Specialist of Impl Project assigned in…

Miki S. Noguchi

Deputy Executive Director, Chief Strategist

Miki S. Noguchi is a connector… of dots, people, and ideas. She focuses on the…

Najmah M. Pacalna

Lanao Team Operations Specialist

Najmah M. Pacalna is the Lanao TeamĀ Operations Specialist for Impl. Project. She was born and…

Simone Peloquin

Junior Program Officer

Simone Peloquin is a Jr. Program Officer at Impl. Project, with worldwide contributions to data-driven…